Anuruddha—Bhikkhu Sujato

1.1Verses of the Senior Monks

2.1The Book of the Twenties

3.1Chapter One

4.116.9. Anuruddha

5.1Leaving my mother and father behind,
5.2as well as sisters, kinsmen, and brothers;
5.3having given up the five kinds of sensual stimulation,
5.4Anuruddha practices absorption.

6.1Surrounded by song and dance,
6.2awakened by cymbals and gongs,
6.3he did not find purification
6.4while delighting in Māra’s domain.

7.1But he has gone beyond all that,
7.2and delights in the Buddha’s teaching.
7.3Having crossed over the entire flood,
7.4Anuruddha practices absorption.

8.1Sights, sounds, tastes, smells,
8.2and touches so delightful:
8.3having crossed over these as well,
8.4Anuruddha practices absorption.

9.1Returning from alms-round,
9.2alone, without companion,
9.3seeking rags from the dust heap,
9.4Anuruddha is without defilements.

10.1The thoughtful sage
10.2selected rags from the dust heap;
10.3he picked them up, washed, dyed, and wore them;
10.4Anuruddha is without defilements.

11.1The principles of someone
11.2who has many wishes and is not content,
11.3who socializes and is conceited,
11.4are wicked and corrupt.

12.1But someone who is mindful, few of wishes,
12.2content and untroubled,
12.3delighting in seclusion, joyful,
12.4always resolute and energetic;

13.1their principles are skillful,
13.2leading to awakening;
13.3they are without defilements—
13.4so said the great hermit.

14.1“Knowing my thoughts,
14.2the supreme Teacher in the world
14.3came to me in a mind-made body,
14.4using his psychic power.

15.1He taught me more
15.2than I had thought of.
15.3The Buddha who loves non-proliferation
15.4taught me non-proliferation.

16.1Understanding that teaching,
16.2I happily did his bidding.
16.3I’ve attained the three knowledges,
16.4and have fulfilled the Buddha’s instructions.

17.1For the last fifty-five years
17.2I have not lain down to sleep.
17.3Twenty-five years have passed
17.4since I eradicated drowsiness.”

18.1“There was no more breathing
18.2for the poised one of steady heart.
18.3Imperturbable, committed to peace,
18.4the seer became fully extinguished.

19.1He put up with painful feelings
19.2without flinching.
19.3The liberation of his heart
19.4was like the extinguishing of a lamp.”

20.1“Now these touches and the other four
20.2are the last to be experienced by the sage;
20.3nor will there be other phenomena
20.4since the Buddha became fully extinguished.

21.1Weaver of the web in the company of the gods,
21.2now there are no future lives.
21.3Transmigration through births is finished,
21.4now there are no more future lives.”

22.1“Knowing in an hour the galaxy,
22.2together with the Brahmā realm;
22.3that mendicant, a master of psychic powers,
22.4knowing the passing away and rebirth of beings, sees even the gods at that time.”

23.1“In the past I was Annabhāra,
23.2a poor carrier of fodder.
23.3I practiced as an ascetic,
23.4the renowned Upariṭṭha.

24.1Then I was reborn in the Sakyan clan,
24.2where I was known as ‘Anuruddha’.
24.3Surrounded by song and dance,
24.4I was awakened by cymbals and gongs.

25.1Then I saw the Buddha,
25.2the Teacher, fearing nothing from any quarter;
25.3filling my mind with confidence in him,
25.4I went forth to homelessness.

26.1I know my past lives,
26.2the places I used to live.
26.3I was born as Sakka,
26.4and stayed among the Thirty-Three gods.

27.1Seven times I was a king of men
27.2ruling a kingdom,
27.3victorious in the four directions,
27.4lord of all India.
27.5Without rod or sword,
27.6I governed by principle.

28.1Seven here, seven there,
28.2fourteen transmigrations in all.
28.3I remember my past lives;
28.4at that time I stayed in the realm of the gods.

29.1I have gained complete tranquility
29.2in immersion with five factors.
29.3Peaceful, serene,
29.4my clairvoyance is purified.

30.1Steady in five-factored absorption,
30.2I know the passing away and rebirth of beings,
30.3their coming and going,
30.4their lives in this state and that.

31.1I’ve served the teacher
31.2and fulfilled the Buddha’s instructions. 31.3The heavy burden is laid down,
31.4the attachment to rebirth is eradicated.

32.1In the Vajjian village of Veḷuva,
32.2my life will come to an end.
32.3Beneath a thicket of bamboos,
32.4I’ll be quenched without defilements.”