A Spear —Bhikkhu Sujato

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1. Similes

5. A Spear

1.1At Sāvatthī.

1.2“Mendicants, suppose there was a sharp-pointed spear. 1.3And a man came along and thought, 1.4‘With my hand or fist I’ll fold this sharp spear over, bend it back, and twist it around!’

1.5What do you think, mendicants? 1.6Is that man capable of doing so?”

1.7“No, sir. 1.8Why not? 1.9Because it’s not easy to fold that sharp spear over, bend it back, and twist it around with the hand or fist. 1.10That man will eventually get weary and frustrated.”

2.1“In the same way, suppose a mendicant has developed the heart’s release by love, has cultivated it, made it a vehicle and a basis, kept it up, consolidated it, and properly implemented it. Should any non-human think to overthrow their mind, 2.2they’ll eventually get weary and frustrated.

2.3So you should train like this: 2.4‘We will develop the heart’s release by love. We’ll cultivate it, make it our vehicle and our basis, keep it up, consolidate it, and properly implement it.’ 2.5That’s how you should train.”