With Kāmada —Bhikkhu Sujato

Linked Discourses 2

1. The First Chapter

6. With Kāmada

1.1At Sāvatthī.

1.2Standing to one side, the god Kāmada said to the Buddha, 1.3“It’s too hard, Blessed One! It’s just too hard!”

2.1“They do it even though it’s hard,” 2.2said the Buddha to Kāmada,
2.3“the stable trainees with ethics, and immersion.
2.4For one who has entered the homeless life,
2.5contentment brings happiness.”

3.1“Such contentment, Blessed One, is hard to find.”

4.1“They find it even though it’s hard,” 4.2said the Buddha to Kāmada,
4.3“those who love peace of mind;
4.4whose minds love to meditate
4.5day and night.”

5.1“But it’s hard, Blessed One, to immerse this mind in samādhi.”

6.1“They become immersed in samādhi even though it’s hard,” 6.2 said the Buddha to Kāmada,
6.3“those who love calming the faculties.
6.4Having cut through the net of Death,
6.5the noble ones, Kāmada, go on their way.”

7.1“But this path, Blessed One, is rough and hard to travel.”

8.1“Though it’s rough, hard to travel,
8.2the noble ones, Kāmada, go on their way.
8.3The ignoble fall headfirst
8.4on a rough path.
8.5But the path of the noble ones is smooth,
8.6for the noble ones are smooth amid the rough.”