With Candana —Bhikkhu Sujato

Linked Discourses 2

2. With Anāthapiṇḍika

15. With Candana

1.1Standing to one side, the god Candana addressed the Buddha in verse:

2.1“Who here crosses the flood,
2.2tireless all day and night?
2.3Who, not standing and unsupported,
2.4does not sink in the deep?”

3.1“Someone who is always endowed with ethics,
3.2wise and serene,
3.3energetic and resolute,
3.4crosses the flood so hard to cross.

4.1Someone who desists from sensual perception,
4.2has moved past the fetter of form,
4.3and has finished with relishing and greed
4.4does not sink in the deep.”