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Minor matters (Khuddaka)

Khuddakavatthukkhandhaka Pli Tv Kd 15 Vin ii 105 Khuddakavatthukkhandhaka
Pli Tv Kd 15
Vin ii 105
The Khuddakavatthukkhandhaka, “the Chapter with a short section,” contains a large and diverse number of minor rules, including rules on allowable buildings. A recurrent theme is that luxurious items and sensual indulgence are not allowed. The verses to protect against dangerous insects and snakes, the so-called Khandhaparitta, are found here. The procedure of “overturning the bowl” is described, a procedure used against lay people who act against the interest of Buddhism. This chapter also includes the much-debated instruction for monastics to learn the Teachings by using the Buddha’s own way of expression.  

2 translations in other modern languages

1 edition of the root text

17 parallels in ancient texts

Pli Tv Kd 15
Literary Chinese Dharmaguptaka Khandhaka 20
Lzh Dg Kd 20
T 0945a20
Literary Chinese Mahīśāsaka Khandhaka 13
Lzh Mi Kd 13
T 0169b01
Literary Chinese Mūlasarvāstivāda Khandhaka 18a
Lzh Mu Kd 18a
Literary Chinese Sarvāstivāda Khandhaka 17a
Lzh Sarv Kd 17a
T 0267a22
Sanskrit Mūlasarvāstivāda Khandhaka 18a
San Mu Kd 18a
Classical Tibetan Mūlasarvāstivāda Khandhaka 18a
Xct Mu Kd 18a
Literary Chinese Mahāsaṅghika Bhikkhu Pakiṇṇaka 5#t0461b21–-t0461c27
Lzh Mg Bu Pn 5#t0461b21–-t0461c27
T 0455a26
Pli Tv Kd 15#20
Gītassara Sutta
AN 5.209
AN iii 251
Pli Tv Kd 15#27–-32
Ahirāja Sutta
AN 4.67#5–-10
AN ii 72
Khandha-Vatta Jātaka
Ja 203
Ja ii 145
Pli Tv Kd 15#106
Pattanikujjana Sutta
AN 8.87
AN iv 344
Pli Tv Kd 15#116–-119
Bodhirājakumāra Sutta
MN 85
MN ii 91
SHT Sutta 33
SHT 997 B, 33.17–28+35, 165.20–24, 180.1–2, 1361, 1373a, 2063d

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Pli Tv Kd 15#175–-176
Dantakaṭṭha Sutta
AN 5.208
AN iii 250
EA 36.3
T ii 703a10
Pli Tv Kd 15#195
Pāli Theravāda Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga Saṅghādisesa 13#1
Pli Tv Bu Vb Ss 13#1
Pāli Theravāda Khandhaka 11#118
Pli Tv Kd 11#118
Vin ii 1