Using SuttaCentral offline

Your browser supports Progressive Web Apps!

SuttaCentral is a Progressive Web App. On supported devices, many features, including navigation and previously visited pages, will continue to work even if you have no internet connection.

In addition, you can download texts in languages of your choosing and read them when offline. This is especially useful for users on mobiles with limited data, or in regions with poor coverage. If your data is limited, we recommend connecting to wifi before downloading.

PWAs are a new technology. For now, offline usage has some limitations:

  • Suttas only, not Vinaya or Abhidhamma.
  • Only one language.
  • Certain functions, including search, require internet connection.

If you want extra features, let us know.


By default your suttas will be downloaded in the site language. If you would like to choose a different language, select one from the menu.

Include parallels

Select to download parallel tables for texts as well.

Include root texts

Select to download texts in root languages as well. This includes a Pali > English lookup dictionary. To change your lookup, click here.

Pali lookups

Select to download dictionary lookups of Pali words in the following languages:
Bahasa Indonesia

Chinese lookups

Select to download dictionary lookups of Chinese words in the following languages:
Download texts in English Clear download history

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