Details for MN 36 Mahāsaccaka
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Pāli MN 36 Mahāsaccaka MN i 237
Chinese EA 31.8 T 125.31.8 * 無息禪 T ii 670c02
Chinese T 757.2* 身毛喜豎 T xvii 598a04–599c29
Pāli MN 85 Bodhirājakumāra MN ii 91
Pāli MN 100* Saṅgārava MN ii 209 noteCorrespondence reference is MN ii 212.
Pāli MN 85* Bodhirājakumāra MN ii 91 noteCorrespondence reference is MN ii 93.
Sanskrit Divy 27 Kuṇālāvadānam Vaidya 1999: 250; Cowell 1886: 391 VAIDYA, P. L. 1999. Divyāvadāna (Buddhist Sanskrit Texts No.20). Darbhanga: Mithila Institute. / COWELL, E. B. et al. 1886. The Divyāvadāna, a Collection of Early Buddhist Legends. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Sanskrit SF 287 Wille 2006: 72 WILLE, Klaus 2006. The Sanskrit Fragments Or. 15003 in the Hoernle Collection. Buddhist Manuscripts from Central Asia, The British Library Sanskrit Frag­ments, S. Karashima et al. (ed.), Tokyo: Soka University, vol. 1 pp 65–153.
Sanskrit Lal 17 Duṣkaracaryāparivartaḥ Vaidya 1958b: 181–193; Lefmann 1902: 246–264 noteThe events described in MN 36 are treated in several Chinese Buddha biographies; e.g., the first jhāna experience of the bodhisatta can be found in the Chinese counterparts to the Lalitavistara and the Saṅghabhedavastu, T 186 at T iii 499b, T 187 at T iii 560b, and T 191 at T iii 944b, and also in such accounts as are found in T 184 at T iii 467b, T 185 at T iii 475b, T 188 at T iii 619b, T 189 at T iii 629a, T 190 at T iii 706a, T 192 at T iv 8c, and T 193 at T iv 66b; cf. also the Divyāvadāna in Cowell 1886 p. 391. | New edition Vaidya 1958b.
Sanskrit Lal 22 Abhisaṃbodhanaparivartaḥ Vaidya 1958b: 250–253; Lefmann 1902: 343–350
Sanskrit SF 64 Hartmann 1991: 261–262 HARTMANN, Jens-Uwe 1991. Untersuchungen zum Dīrghāgama der Sarvāstivādins. Habilitationsschrift. Göttingen: Georg-August-Universität.
Sanskrit SF 5 Bongard-Levin 1989 BONGARD-LEVIN, Gregory 1989. Three New Fragments of the Bodharājakumārasūtra from Eastern Turkestan. Journal of the American Oriental Society 109: 509–512.
Sanskrit SHT Sutta 28 SHT 931, 997A SHT, Sanskrithandschriften aus den Turfanfunden. 1965 (vol i) ed. W. Clawiter, L. Holzmann, E. Waldschmidt; 1968 (vol ii) ed. idem; 1971 (vol iii) ed. idem; 1980 (vol iv) ed. L. Sander, E. Waldschmidt; 1985 (vol v) ed. idem; 1989 (vol vi) ed. H. Bechert, K. Wille; 1995 (vol vii) ed. idem; 2000 (vol viii) ed. idem; 2004 (vol ix) ed. idem; 2008 (vol x) ed. K. Wille. Wiesbaden/Stuttgart: Franz Steiner.
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