Aṅguttara Nikāya

The Book of the Eights

37. The Good Person’S Gifts

“Bhikkhus, there are these eight gifts of a good person. What eight? (1) He gives what is pure; (2) he gives what is excellent; (3) he gives a timely gift; (4) he gives what is allowable; (5) he gives after investigation; (6) he gives often; (7) while giving he settles his mind in confidence; and (8) having given, he is elated. These are the eight gifts of a good person.”

He gives what is pure and excellent,
allowable drinks and food at the proper time;
he gives gifts often to fertile fields of merit,
to those who lead the spiritual life.

He does not feel regret,
having given away many material things.
Those with deep insight praise
the gifts given in this way.

Having thus practiced charity
with a mind freely generous,
one intelligent and wise, rich in faith,
is reborn in a pleasant, unafflicted world.