The Benefits of Giving —Bhikkhu Sujato

Numbered Discourses 5

4. With Sumanā

35. The Benefits of Giving

1.1“Mendicants, there are five benefits of giving. 1.2What five? 1.3A giver, a donor is dear and beloved by many people. 1.4Good people associate with them. 1.5They get a good reputation. 1.6They don’t neglect a layperson’s duties. 1.7When their body breaks up, after death, they’re reborn in a good place, a heavenly realm. 1.8These are the five benefits of giving.

2.1Giving, one is loved,
2.2and follows the way of the good.
2.3The good, disciplined spiritual practitioners
2.4associate with you.

3.1They teach you the Dhamma
3.2that dispels all suffering.
3.3Understanding this teaching,
3.4you’re extinguished without defilements.”